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Save the National Pilgrim Memorial Meeting House

Hello Everyone,

It is with great joy that I let you know that at 10:30 am this morning, we registered the final papers at the Plymouth Registry of Deeds office. We are now sole owners of the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse!

At the same time that was happening, the white panels placed in the front windows of the Meetinghouse, where our beloved Stained-glass Robinson windows used to be, have been removed. Photos of the stained-glass windows were placed on the white panels both inside and out.

Two beautiful banners were placed on either side of the façade

, one announcing the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse and the other with information about the CPC grant that we received to do the exterior restoration. Now, while the work is being done, at least the front will look better than it has.

Watch for photos of all this on our Facebook page and website. (

The exterior restoration will begin tomorrow and when the beautiful windows themselves are replaced, I will be in touch to tell you. That will be later this year. We expect the exterior work to be completed by end of year. While the exterior restoration is happening, we will continue raising the funds for the interior.

We have so much to be thankful for! Take a minute and talk to your ancestors. Tell them you are proud to be a part of forever keeping their story alive!

With much appreciation to you for your support,


Lea Sinclair Filson, Former Governor General (GSMD) President, Meetinghouse Charitable Trust

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