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Thanksgiving 2021

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Mayflower II Begins Voyage After Restoration

Mayflower II Leaving Mystic.jpg

Mayflower II begins voyage after restoration in Mystic as onlookers flanked both sides of the Mystic River and people watched from small boats and kayaks.

Mayflower II being Built.jpg
Ray Trunnel.jpg
Plymouth Rock.jpg

I am sure that most of the Mayflower Descendants have a similar story.. So now, here is good news ... The Mayflower II has completed its years long building and has left its building dock and is now sailing to Plymouth Rock.  I heard about the building of the Mayflower II after I went to the Tri-annual National Mayflower Meeting in 2017 in Plymouth, MA .  It was being built in Mystic, CT and I could help build the ship if I got a Trunnel (wooden peg to pound into the ship planks} to hold the planks in place).  400 years ago when the first Mayflower was built, it was all built of wood, nails would rust and not hold. So I got a peg and signed it with all my descendants who were also Mayflower descendants.  As the sign says, YOUR TRUNNEL WILL LIVE ON IN MAYFLOWER II FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.  

So I can hardly wait to get back to Plymouth Rock and greet the arrival of MAYFLOWER II on the 400th anniversary  of the first landing back in 1620.

                                                                                                                                 Ray Maxson

Ray Maxson holds the title of Captain with the SMDNC and handles all of the incoming Preliminary Application forms from prospective members.



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